Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No Labels in NYC !!

Jon Huntsman charmed the crowd there!
Just before heading to the Hersey Store !!                

I spent yesterday in the Big Apple with my 16 and 13 year old students.  Along with 1,500 other concerned citizens, including many students, we attended a convention hosted by No Labels, a nonpartisan, grassroots group.  They are involved in the worthy work of trying to get a dysfunctional government back to the job of serving the people.    This group, whose motto is "Stop Fighting.  Start Fixing." has the support of heavy hitters on both the left and right.  What a good investment of a day.  The simulation at the end, which took all of the students and citizens in attendance through how a major crisis might be handled by the powers in DC, their business constituents and the media, was the most illuminating part of the day.

My favorite part of their "big push" is No Budget, No Pay.  Surprisingly, there is a good deal of support for this in Washington.  Additionally, they want all of our representatives to work a 5 day week.  We do, don't we?

It is complicated and no one pretended that it isn't.   They spoke earnestly about COMPROMISE for the sake of progress. They are ready to motivate both sides to make decisions for the country not for the "party".  They want them to talk to each other and bleed from their eyes and fingertips until compromise is reached !!  Amen.

I like everything they say and encourage you to join this fight.  It costs nothing but time and thought.  Every politician who spoke yesterday said these words at some point or another:  "This isn't for us, it is for our kids, for their future.  Unless something changes now, we have left them a terrible legacy, an awful mess, and little to hope for."   This cold truth keeps me awake at night.  It should keep you awake, too.

The enemy is not your democrat or your republican friend ....it is apathy.


Photo: The problem solvers have been unveiled and are now taking questions from citizens. 

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