Thursday, January 1, 2015

Teleported to 2015

It must have been yesterday when I inventoried 2013 and fancied a fabulous 2014.  I have the dog-eared monthly calendar pages to prove the forward march of those months, which somehow morphed into a year when I wasn't watching.  Yet it feels as though I have simply teleported from January 2014 to January 2015.

That's o.k.    Life is good .... even if I can't make it slow down.  

John returned from Russia two weeks ago full of spectacular sagas of his impressive semester there.  He will have a few part time jobs with startup companies while picking up the balance of his junior year at Penn.  Wow.   Nora had a fruitful first semester at Penn.  She is writing for some campus publications and getting involved as much as her schedule allows.  It is such an honor to hear her talk about her field of interest - cognitive science.   Andy hit the ground running in September.  After a summer in Nicaragua, he took on fundraising for his local JSA Chapter with some pretty cool results:

At the end of this month, Andy leaves for Land O'Lakes, Wisconsin.  He received the Lowenstine Honors Scholarship and will attend The Conserve School for a semester where he will study the environment and wildlife often in subzero temperatures while surrounded by snow, snow, snow.  He can't wait.  Truly.   He'll be home at the end of May.  Unless he finds Yeti.  Then's he going all "Yukon Jack" on us, he reports.

James continues to embrace ancient languages and has started swimming on the BCC team.  He's almost as tall as his mom (oh, I just can't stand this last one growing up on me).  He holds the record for falling asleep in the most unusual places while reading:  laundry room floor, laying across all dining room chairs, 2nd floor hallway in the middle of the night, under dad's suits in the closet. The boy loves books.  And his bike.  Even if it's icy cold, he's pedaling over hill and dale in the yard each day.  

And mom and dad?  Well, Peter and I continue to count our blessings each and every day.  
Psalm 136:1

We send our warmest wishes to all of our friends and family for a happy, healthy, blessed, prosperous year!