Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Caboose Child Singing Chinese Song on Stage

James is my caboose child - that comfortable car at the rear of the freight train.  Maybe not so comfortable, though.

This 10 year old doesn't get nearly enough attention but he should.   He says the most hilarious things.  When criticized for not taking his daily vitamins he responds this way: "I scoff at your remarks."   In the car today, after drilling me with pointed questions about salamanders, the demise of Freddie Mercury, and what the Polynesian language sounds like (I could answer none of these) he said dryly: "Well, it appears you know very little, I am worried about you, mom."

He makes me laugh out loud every day.  That says it all.

Here he is singing a Chinese song on stage with his friends from the South Jersey Chinese School.  He's the tall one wearing khaki pants, hands in pockets, wondering when this strange ritual will be over and done with.  If all of life's a stage ... he'd rather be a prop!