Saturday, May 11, 2013

International Science Olympiad Finalist

When my daughter's research was accepted to the International Science Olympiad, no one was more surprised.  She planned and executed on an environmental research project but had not even planned to submit it to any science competitions; she was working to have her research published.  She succeeded and her research will be covered in a Preservation Science Newletter soon.  Since she had already done a good deal of work on her topic - Pine Barren Ecology - she decided it would not hurt to submit it to this International Olympiad.  She had nothing to lose.  And, here we are!

It is intimidating, to be sure!  So many students of consequence and so many imposing, complex projects is a real honor to be here.  It is a true pleasure to talk to the students, supervisors, teachers, volunteers, and parents all of whom have reached for and grasped excellence in scientific research.